Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Nails: DNA Double Helix

Since my nautical look came out so swimmingly, I decided to try another look I'd never managed to get around to for my weekend nails: the gorgeous natural wonder of the DNA double helix. I love science- a lot- but I'll fight the urge to tell you too much about how DNA works (you can go here for the nuts and bolts and a visual model if you're curious) and get right to the nails.

Most of the DNA nail art I've seen have the more traditional textbook model look: white background with the color coded amino acids like the fun version over at Sincerely Stephanie. Those are cute (and so educational!), but I wanted to take a more whimsical look that highlights the awe I feel on the whole concept of everything that makes a living thing what it is wrapped up in an elegant, infinitesimally small ribbon.

Please excuse my messy person, it looks neater, but the camera is so unforgiving!


I started out with two coats of Julep Jillian- as you'll recall from my last post, Jillian is not pretty in one coat. It's just not. Two coats, however, turns it into a quite lovely chocolately purple-red:

Then I formed my helix outline with a striper using a new color to my collection, Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold. This color is supposed to be a holographic according to the packaging, but I don't see any sign of that whatsoever. This is a straight up brushed gold polish. It's nice enough, but I prefer the gold polish I already have, Milani Golden Goddess. I probably wouldn't have bought the Color Show polish if I'd known it was a metallic rather than a gold holo. If you don't have a gold and are looking, though, it's a nice polish at a reasonable price.

To bring that holo quality to this mani, I added in Glitter Gal Turbulence for my amino acids (i.e. the little lines between the gold threads). Turbulence is a beautiful silvery linear holo polish, and I love the two-tone effect of using it with the gold outline. The very small lines were fairly easy using a toothpick. I also used a toothpick to help shape the other lines into cleaner shapes anywhere I thought I could without doing any damage. Being a perfectionist means I always want to keep tweaking, but I also know hand painting is always going to have "character." I think these are a lot of fun, and I'm going to enjoy the subtle pop of science in my wardrobe.


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