The Story of This Blog

Once upon a time, a girl liked Star Trek.

A lot.

She liked to paint her nails and stuff. So she did some simple Star Trek nail art. It was ok.

But another girl saw it, and said, "Have you ever seen Cutepolish videos?"

And a nail art junkie was born.

My mom has long, gorgeous acrylics, and my aunt is a talented nail artist who let her nail tech license lapse to get a "real" job (yeah, I know...), but I had no idea that nail blogging was such a big, exciting, sparkly world. This is my way of participating in that big sparkly world. For a year I had been painting stuff I found on the internet and texting pictures to my mom, but starting a blog is new and a little scary, especially since I'm as surprised as anyone when one of my ideas works out. I like to write, I like to do nail art, and I like mashups, so I win. I do it for me. My designs aren't perfect, my techniques aren't professional, but I'm having fun, and I hope you are, too.

Housekeeping and disclaimers:

Even though I don't see press as a huge part of what I'm doing here, this blog is "press friendly" in the sense that I am open to providing unbiased reviews of products provided to me...just remember that I'm a terrible liar. All products reviewed on this blog are purchased by me, won in contests, or given by friends and family as gifts unless otherwise noted.

Why yes, other nail blogger, I would love to collaborate with you on something! Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

All photos, content, and opinions on this blog are my own unless otherwise noted. I have a whole cache of ideas stored up that weren't mine originally, and I try to indicate that when I use them, but if you see a design here that distinctly belongs to someone else, please know that it's not intentional and help me out by giving that person credit in the comments. I don't mind your sharing my photos as well, but please give credit to Nichole at Super Secret Nail Blog (SSNB is also fine) and link to the original. My nails and my blog are my art, so give me credit if you use them.

I'd love to see you on social media! I personally prefer Facebook, but Twitter seems to be the wave of the future and all that jazz, so I'm on both:
Twitter: @SecretNailBlog