Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facebook it!

Did you see that, in celebration of hitting 200 page views, the Super Secret Nail Blog now has a Facebook page? I guess the secret's out! I'd love to get to know you all better and have a space to talk nails between posts...but first you have to LIKE me. Click the link, or go to Facebook and search Super Secret Nail Blog.

Just so I don't have a nail-free post, here's what's coming: the shimmer on my love bird art has inspired me- there's glitter on the horizon. There are also new products en route. I have a box on the way from Julep with Gayle, Catherine, and special bonus Nellie (hooray for add ons!), and I placed my first Born Pretty Store order a few days ago. I went a little overboard, so expect a massive unboxing post when it arrives. Included in that order was a two sided stamper and way more stamping plates than an amateur who's never tried stamping before should purchase, so this will be entertaining for you one way or the other.

So Like me on the 'Book, and be on the lookout for something green and glittery and glorious over the next few days. :)

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