Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Nails: ComiCon Special

Today I went to ComiCon in Lexington, KY. I met George Takei, picked up an awesome pair of earrings and a fistful of superhero magnets, and showed of my special ComiCon nail art!

This look is an homage to the original girl power icon of the comic world, Wonder Woman. There are some more complicated versions out there, but I simplified the art to the lowest common denominator to create a clean, simple, but eye catching design.

For the blue accent nail, I used Julep Lacey, which I picked up when they did one of their $1.99 sales, and Nicole by OPI Lips are Dripping Honey for some golden sparkle. For the rest of my nails, I chose Julep Catherine, my brightest red polish. I also used Catherine in my cheerful Vera Bradley Adoration Nail design. Catherine is what I would describe as a crelly, full coverage with a shiny, liquidy finish. I did use three coats here to get even coverage. I really like the color, but it does have some patchiness issues and I had chippage today. I chip pretty easily, but was disappointed not to get a full day out of it without a touchup.

The Wonder Woman design was hand painted using the Jordana striper, Jordana Black Mark striping polish, and Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold. I striped Bold Gold horozontally down the center of the nail until it was about half the thickness I wanted the design. Then I made a gold block on each side on the top and two short vertical lines in the center on bottom, lined up with the end of the blocks. The result looked weird and messy, which is where the black lines come in.

I carefully made three black stripes, one on the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom, of each gold block. Then I outlined the dip of the W on top and two little V shapes around the short lines. My weird blobby gold areas turned into a simplified version of the Wonder Woman logo that is fun to wear, fun to look at, and was pretty easy to do.

Nerd inspired nail art is one of my favorite themes. Have you tried superhero/comic inspired nail art?

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