Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Maven Review and Bow Nail Art

I was really happy with this month's Julep Maven selection. I took my default Classic With a Twist box, and I added a happy bubblegum pink, Maren. "Bubblegum pink" isn't usually style, but what won me over was the blue sheen. That was different, and I loooove it! I had a break, and the cheerful pink looks great on short nails. The other two colors were Caitlin, a cheery strawberry shimmer, and Mariska, a bright orange.
L-R: Mariska, Maren, and Caitlin, no topcoat
I like all three colors quite well, but Mariska wasn't exactly what I expected. It dried to a satiny matte, when it's billed as a shimmer and looked quite shiny in the website swatches. I'm not opposed to the look of it, but I'm interested in how it will look with a topcoat. Caitlin is a little brighter in person, but Maren is close to the color seen in the photos. The blue shimmer ranges from super subtle to a bright electric blue sheen. It's awesome, definitely like nothing else I own. Anyone who loves pink polish needs this color. Caitlin is also a solid bet for pink lovers; it's similar to Sally Hansen XTreme Wear in Twisted Pink, but the shimmer is a little more fine, giving it a glow-y look. Two new pinks required super girly nail art, using Caitlin, Maren, and my white Salon Perfect striper, with Freedom Topcoat and a base of Oxygen Nail Treatment, both from Julep. These colors are all very sheer, so there are three coats used here. You can layer them over white to intensify them, but I thought that took away from the blue shimmer in Maren.

The other item in this month's Maven box was Pore Minimizing Blush in Peach Bellini. I expected very little out of this item; honestly, while Julep polishes are spectacular, I haven't been wowed by their makeup. This morning, I tried it.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I love this blush. Love it. I have alot of trouble finding blush colors that look right with my skin tone and am very hesitant to spend "real" money on it. I figured Peach Bellini would be too light, Petal Pink would be too pink, and I would have yet another blush I probably shouldn't have bought, but this blush looks and feels fantastic! It gives just the right amount of color and compliments my skin tone beautifully. I just might have a new makeup splurge.

What did you think about the April box? If you're interested in trying Julep Maven yourself, click the link above or the cute little Classic With A Twist button to your right for my referral link.

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