Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mini-Me Nail Art- Watercolors and Wraps

Today I have a couple of techniques and products to show you with the help of my lovely hand model, Baby Love (AKA Mini-Me). Every now and then we have mommy-daughter time by doing nails. She usually asks for variations on designs I've already done, and it's always interesting to see my already teensy nail art designs further miniaturized. Today I have my first foray into nail wraps and a watercolor design.

For her birthday, Baby Love wanted to sample some of the Sally Hansen nail wraps I recently got as a gift, and we selected this adorable skully print called Heart Breaker. For her accent nail, we did Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Twisted Pink with an overlay of Julep Joelle, and a little heart on top, also with Twisted Pink. I haven't tried nail wraps before, so it took me a little time to get used to them, but once I got a few nails in, they were very easy! The hardest part was cutting them down to the right shape to conform to her tiny, childhood-damaged cuticles, but since they give you a range of sizes, we were able to find a match for each nail. She has short nails, so instead of using a different strip for each nail, I just flipped the strips and used each one for two nails. What surprised me most was the lasting power. Even with as active as Baby Love is, we had no chipping almost a week later when she was ready to take them off. I did seal them in with a brush of Mega Shine, but I don't think it was completely necessary. They seemed to be solidly sealed even without it.

For the other design, I used a technique from the Nailasaurus "nimbus" tutorial. Baby Love asked for "watercolors." Since she's ten, I'm not sure exactly what she meant, but she seemed happy with the result!

As usual, no cleanup on Mini-Me (don't like to use acetone on her)
Isn't she precious? Have you tried either of these techniques? Tips and tricks welcome!

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