Friday, May 16, 2014

Sinful Colors Binge-Conclusion

When we last left our heroine (me), I had picked up three Sinful Colors polishes and was delightedly testing all of them. First round was a bejeweled ruffian with Endless Blue. Next, I posted my simple  Rise & Shine nail look to Twitter, using another polish I picked up the same day, NYC Top of the Gold topcoat. My favorite, though, has definitely been the look I ended up with when I busted out Nice Stems.

I initially described Nice Stems as a soft mint green, which is what it looked like when I initially tried it on. I don't know if it's just the color combo I used or the lighting when I first tried it, but in this mani, it has more of a Tiffany blue color-very unusual for a polish I would have described as leaning toward jade a few days ago! As a companion, I used Julep Gayle and simply inverted the colors for my accent nail. Nice Stems stamps reasonably well, and both colors are muted enough that they compliment rather than clash.

The adorable bird "print" is probably familiar to you from my tattoo themed stamping mani. Today's design was inspired by an adorable Lylia Rose swallow scarf. Lylia Rose has the most adorable, interesting items both on the website and the Etsy shop, but she's UK based, which has made me less inclined to buy all 200 items that I want. I don't like to wait, plus I'm not sure what shipping will cost from the UK, so I want to wait until my budget allows a bigger order all at once. While I wait, I steal her product themes for nailspiration.

I'm still pretty pleased with my Sinful Colors choices, and can't wait to try more. Dream On...Gogo Girl...Mint Apple...Cream Soda...continuing the hunt for the elusive Rainstorm...I feel obsession coming on.

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