Thursday, August 14, 2014

Before the Blog

SSNB recently hit 1000 page views, a milestone that was both exciting and humbling. This blog was created almost entirely for my personal amusement, so even though 1000 views is all in a day's work for the more established blogs, for me it's more than I ever expected. I'm the type of person who likes to always find the art and science to the things I enjoy, so painting nails turned into nail art, which turned into hand and nail care (even perfect manis don't look as good on ragged hands!), which turned into blogging-something that has continuously raised the bar. I'm so delighted that other people are interested in seeing this progression and to be a part of the generous and delightful beauty blogging community. I racked my brain on the best way to celebrate this milestone, and finally I decided the best way to commemorate the occasion was to take a look back.

I've taken pictures of my nails since long before I started blogging, they were just for a different purpose. The primary reason for the photos back then was a reference, in case I wanted to wear a design again. They weren't always great pictures, but they documented designs that I couldn't stop looking at. I'd love to go back and reimagine these sometime.

This one is a matte/shine hybrid, with Sally Hansen Tough Taupe as the base and (I think) Revlon Foxy and Copper Penny as the shades for my toothpick rosettes. I mattified using NYC matte topcoat before adding the flowers. Roses are one of my go to designs because they're so pretty and so versatile. There are a ton of variations on this manicure in my photos, but this is one of the only times I've done a mixed finish design. I wonder why that is-I really like it!    

Another rosette variation I've never repeated for some inexplicable reason is this girly white based rosette mani. I can't even begin to remember all of the colors I used, but I was so happy with the result!

I don't remember what inspired this cheerful under the sea design, but I do remember I liked it enough to wear it for several days. The base is Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Blue Me Away with Mellow Yellow for the little angel fish. The coral and starfish are another Sally Hansen shade, Hard as Nails Mango Tango.

Finally, here's my gradient butterfly mani. I'd love to try these again now that I have steadier hands and am more skilled overall. Yes, I know everyone does butterflies, and it takes forever to do, but it's soooo pretty! I'm not sure which colors I used.

My skills were fledgling and my photos simple, but they get the job done when I need some inspiration. Tell the truth-do you have a stash of blurry pics of messy manis that you can't bring yourself to purge?

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