Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Louboutin Summer Florals

As much as I love them, nail art joy cannot be sustained on rosettes alone. There are tons of hibiscus stamps and stickers out there, but freehanding these big, cheerful flowers seemed like an easy option for a sunny summer floral.

For my hibiscus flowers, I used a dotting tool to create five heart shaped petals with Julep Laree, the pink used as my primary mani color. Then I used a tiny flat brush to soften the middles of the petals with Model's Own Golden Peach, followed up with a few dots and a cute little stamen with Julep Nessa (also the background color on my accent nail). I added a few dots as needed in the background, and my bright Hawaiian print was done! 

This mani is all about color fusion. Nessa, Laree, and Golden Peach are all complex polishes with a golden undertone that gave the finished result a soft glow. But wait! There's more!

You may recall my fascination with the Louboutin mani- polishing the back of the nail as well as the front. While I've tried it a few times, I've had limited success. This time, I used Golden Peach to create an all-around tropical look, and it came out pretty well. I used my tiny flat brush for this as well, and used reenforcers (the little circle stickers you use for repairing torn notebook paper holes) to protect my frontside polish while painting on two subtle coats. I had a little chippage and blotchiness, but with such a soft, shimmery color, it doesn't bother me too much. Golden Peach is a color that I haven't really warmed to as a primary shade, but it looks perfect here and is a match made in Heaven with gold infused Laree. I'm also in love with Nessa, but yellows look weird on me. The combination of two colors I can't quite get a handle on with Laree, a color that's on the short list of polishes I could wear every day if I had to, made for a very satisfying mani! 

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